We played shows over 7 years

2010.08.24 Allston, MA Problem House w/ Abner Trio, Hex Map, & Scouter
2010.08.13 Brooklyn, NY Monster Island Basement w/ Man Forever, Liturgy, & Inferior Amps
2010.07.28 Cambridge, MA Middle East (Upstairs) w/ Pretty & Nice, Child Bite, and Battle House.
2010.06.19 Boston, MA Big Fung in Chinatown w/ Man Forever, Noveller, and Inferior Amps.
2010.04.01 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Ho-Ag, Dinowalrus, and Geoglyphs
2010.02.15 Cambridge, MA Middle East (Downstairs) A benefit for the earthquake victims in Haiti
w/ Ketman, Chris Brokaw, Monique Ortiz, Art Decade, and the Dirty Dishes
2009.11.10 Cambridge, MA TT the Bear's w/ Child Bite, Horsehands, and Ice Dragon
2009.10.31 Brooklyn, NY Secret Project Robot w/ Dirty Faces, Sightings, Red Dawn II, and The White Deer (members of Neptune)
2009.10.30 Allston, MA House 11 w/ Talk Normal, Hyena, Kal Marks, and Arvid Noe.
2009.10.04 Cambridge, MA MIT East Campus Courtyard w/ Mision of Burma and Eula
2009.09.25 Cambridge, MA Middle East (Upstairs) w/ Tinsel Teeth, You Need New Glasses (record release!), and Dead Cats Dead Rats (record release!)
2009.09.18 Metro Boston + the Internet WHRB 95.3 FM Record Hospital around 10pm.
2009.07.25 Medford, MA Outside the Lines Studio w/ Oneida, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and Glenn Jones (Cul de Sac)
2009.07.18 Detroit, MI PJ's Lager House Split 7" Release Party w/ Child Bite, Javelins, and Man At Arms.
2009.07.17 Ft. Wayne, Indiana The Brass Rail w/ Hear Hear
2009.07.16 Bloomington, IN Russian Recording Split 7" Release Party w/ Child Bite and Racebannon.
2009.07.15 Columbus, OH Carabar w/ Child Bite.
2009.07.14 Cincinnati, OH The Bunk w/ Child Bite, Sun God, Rag Rage, and You'll Get Yours
2009.07.13 Akron, OH Annabell's Bar & Lounge w/ Child Bite
2009.07.12 Baltimore, MD Whartscape Fancy!
2009.07.11 Brooklyn, NY Market Hotel w/ Parts & Labor, Fiasco, Child Bite, and Birdcage
2009.07.10 Somerville, MA PAs Lounge Split 7" Release Party w/ Child Bite, Ketman, and Gondoliers.
2009.04.17 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ Pants Yell!, General Interest, and Earth People Orchestra
2009.04.14 Metro Boston or anywhere there's internet WMBR 88.1 FM Pipeline! around 9 pm.
2009.03.06 Watertown, MA 13 Fletcher Terrace w/ You Need New Glasses, Thief Thief, Whitetail, and Bachelor of Arts
2009.03.03 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Animal Hospital (CD Release) and Big Digits
2009.02.13 Boston, MA Harper's Ferry w/ Goblin Cock and Warship
2009.02.06 Worcester, MA Ralph's Diner w/ Calumet Hecla, Herra Terra, and Strizhi
2008.12.12 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ Neptune, Parts & Labor, and Thief Thief
2008.10.30 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Dungen and Headdress
2008.10.18 Watertown, MA 13 Fletcher Terrace w/ You Need New Glasses, Gunfight & Bovachevo
2008.05.17 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ We Versus The Shark, Ho-Ag, and Shore Leave
2008.05.16 New York, NY Cake Shop w/ We Versus The Shark and Get Him Eat Him
2008.05.03 Cambridge, MA Senior House @ MIT Steer Roast! w/ Excepter
2008.02.02 Waltham, MA Brandeis University Very Special Groundhog Day Time w/ Parts & Labor
2007.12.31 Jamaica Plain, MA Milky Way Lounge & Lanes Very Special New Year's Eve Time w/ Night Rally and Neptune
2007.10.18 New York, NY Cake Shop CMJ Music Marathan Cardboard Records Showcase w/ Pterodactyl, High Places, Gowns, Shooting Spires, and Flying
2007.10.06 Haverford, PA FUCS @ Haverford College w/ Kyp Malone
2007.10.05 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool w/ Brightside and Marching Teeth
2007.09.29 Somerville, MA PA's Lounge w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Ford & Fitzroy, and Lights
2007.09.24 Providence, RI AS220 w/ Sweet Thieves, the Science Logic and Sick Electric
2007.09.22 Troy, NY RPI / Ground Zero w/ Little Leopards
2007.09.21 Annandale-On-Hudson, NY Bard College w/ Dragons of Zynth, Used To Be Women
2007.09.20 Washington, DC The Red & the Black w/ Habeas Corpses, Mouthbreather, and Darling
2007.09.19 Greenville, NC Sociology w/ Ryan Navarro
2007.09.18 Athens, GA The Caledonia Lounge w/ the Mclusky Tribute Band and Snake Laser
2007.09.17 Atlanta, GA The Drunken Unicorn w/ Circle and Endless Boogie
2007.09.16 Charlottesville, VA The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative Gallery w/ Truman Sparks and Sean Samoheyl
2007.09.15 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn w/ Pterodactyl, Numbers, Bears, Teams Robespierre, and Brown Recluse Sings
2007.09.14 Brooklyn, NY Death by Audio Todd P Presents! w/ Pissed Jeans, Cola Freaks, and Eddy Current Suppression Ring
2007.09.13 Danbury, CT Cousin Larry's Café w/ Tractor Flip and Chris Kiley
2007.08.06 Cambridge, MA Middle East (upstairs) w/ They Shoot Horses Don't They? and Ketman
2007.07.09 Cambridge, MA TT's w/ Marnie Stern and Puttin' On The Ritz
2007.06.02 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn w/ Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio) and Dirty Projectors
2007.04.07 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Parts & Labor, Creeping Nobodies, and Gowns
2007.04.06 Brooklyn, NY Luna Lounge w/ Parts & Labor, Gowns, and Alex Delivery
2007.02.24 New York, NY Knitting Factory w/ Trans Am and Oneida
2006.07.29 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Night Rally (cd release), Animal Hospital, and Badman
2006.06.06 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Major Stars and Certainly, Sir
2006.04.19 Philadelphia, PA Sparkle House w/ Michael Columbia, Northern Alliance, and Nathan
2006.04.20 New York, NY Cake Shop New York, NY
w/ Michael Columbia, Knife Skills, Ecstatic Sunshine, and No
2006.04.21 Bennington, VT Bennington College w/ Michael Columbia
2006.04.22 Baltimore, MD Talking Head w/ Michael Columbia, Ecstatic Sunshine, and Horns of Happiness
2006.03.25 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Part Chimp, Oxford Collapse, and The Cops
2006.03.18 Austin, TX Ms. Bea's Outside Patio + TODD P PARTY +
w/ Carinne Rose, Celebration, Night After Night, Rogers Sisters, Tomorrow's Friend, Bad Wizard, DMBQ, Mikaela's Fiend, Dirty Projectors, zZz, Coco Solid, Graycion, Spider and the Webs (x Bikini Kill), Nat Baldwin & Spencer Kingman, Pterodactyl, Walken, Best Fwends, and Hightower
2006.03.17 Austin, TX Sound On Sound Records + MONITOR/CHUNKLET/BUDDYHEAD PARTY +
w/ Ted Leo, Elf Power, Part Chimp, Rye Coaltion, Torche, Magnolia Electric Co., Hudson Bell, Jai-Alai Savant, The Selmanaires, Carbonas, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Baronness, Swearing At Motorists, and New Flesh
w/ Thunderbirds Are Now!, Part Chimp, Rahim, The Plastic Constellations, and The Fatal Flying Guilloteens
2006.03.10 New York, NY Tonic w/ Parts & Labor, Aa, and Pterodactyl
2006.02.03 Brooklyn, NY North Six w/ Dirty Projectors, Aa, and Print
2006.01.28 Haverford, PA

Lunt Basement

Haverford College

w/ Man Man and Kyp Malone
2006.01.27 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ Frank Smith, Dirty Projectors, and Stu Walker
2005.12.17 New York, NY Sin-e w/ We Are Wolves, Bellmer Dolls, Isle of Citadel, and Dead Radar
2005.11.28 Lowell, MA WUML 91.5 + Live From the Fallout Shelter +
2005.11.16 Baltimore, MD Ottobar w/ Blood Baby, Voltage, and Dan Friel
2005.11.14 Philadelphia, PA The Marvelous w/ Voltage and Dan Friel
2005.11.14 Washington, DC Warehouse Next Door w/ Apes, Modey Lemon, and Chris Brokaw
2005.11.13 Chapel Hill, NC Wetlands w/ A Problem of Alarming Dimensions, Colossus
2005.11.12 Greensboro, NC Werehouse w/ Blank Blank and Toki Gangpae
2005.11.11 Knoxville, TN Pilot Light w/ Michael Columbia and Ibrahim
2005.11.09 Nashville, TN Springwater w/ Look, Blood! and Lost Octobers
2005.11.08 Bloomington, IN Second Story w/ Rapider than Horsepower, Mae Shi, and Puppy vs Dyslexia
2005.11.07 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle w/ Sylvain Chauveau / Steven Hess, Magic Arrows, and Dan Friel
2005.11.06 Oberlin, OH Oberlin w/ Mae Shi, Racebannon, and Dan Friel
2005.11.05 Lansing, MI Mac?s w/ Lorelei and Ellsworth
2005.11.04 Cleveland, OH Moe's w/ Colorforms and Dan Friel
2005.10.22 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ Oneida, Coke Dares, and All Combinations
2005.10.21 New York, NY Mercury Lounge w/ Oneida, Coke Dares, and Awesome Color
2005.09.30 Montréal, Qc Petit Campus + Montréal Pop Festival Monitor Records and Threegut Showcase +
w/ More Dogs, Gentleman Reg, and Jim Guthrie
2005.09.19 Boston, MA Great Scott w/ The Gossip, We Are Wolves, and The Mules
2005.09.16 New York, NY Scenic w/ Catfish Haven, More Dogs, Windsor for the Derby, Tyondai Braxton, and Wilderness
+ Monitor Records / Secretlly Canadian CMJ showcase +
2005.08.27 Brooklyn, NY SUMMERCAMP w/ Chromatics, Moon & Moon
2005.08.26 New York, NY Cake Shop w/ Parts & Labor and Collin Cunningham
2005.08.13 Cambridge, MA Middle East Elm Street Benefit
w/ Victory at Sea, Helms, Certainly Sir, Prime Movers, Madman Films, Dirty Holiday, Dorkbot, Tramps Like Us, Modelo '78, Tiny Amps, and Wild Zero
2005.08.06 Lansing, MI Mac's Bar w/ Disposable Villain and Holy Roman Empire
2005.08.05 Cleveland, OH Black List Art Gallery w/ No Peace and The Homo-Stupids
2005.07.19 Boston, MA Mass Art Gym w/ Lightning Bolt and Afrirampo
2005.07.06 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ The Nein and Tiny Amps
2005.05.27 New York, NY Sin-e w/ Fresh Kills, Kyp Malone (of TV On The Radio fame), Dame Fate, and Kim & Matt
2005.05.16 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 w/ Country Bears, Jaguaro
2005.05.15 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber w/ The Speaking Canaries, zZz, Michael Nase
2005.05.14 Charlotte, NC Yauhaus w/ Calbai Yau, Area Man With Axe
2005.05.12 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar w/ Dan Deacon, Blood Baby, and Ecstatic Sunshine
2005.04.30 Cambrige, MA Middle East w/ Helms, Officer May, Animal Hospital
2005.04.26 Boston, MA Pipeline on WMBR 88.1 FM
2005.04.02 Boston, MA The Left End on WERS 88.9 FM
2005.03.25 Baltimore, MD Ottobar w/ Vincent Black Shadow, Murder Your Darlings, and Omegalord
2005.03.24 Brooklyn, NY North Six w/ Ticonderoga, Print, and Narchitect
2005.03.23 Cleveland, OH Pat's in the Flats w/ Pistols At Dawn, Mind/No Mind, and Ohm's Law
2005.03.22 Lansing, MI Mac's Bar w/ The Final Chapter, Herpes Symplex 10, and The Skyline Obscura
2005.03.21 Louisville, KY Keswick Democratic Club w/ Breather Resist, Coliseum, and Gaj Mustafa Cell
2005.03.19 Austin, TX Terrible One Bike Ramp w/ Blackfire Revelation, Wives, Oxes, and Coachwhips
2005.03.18 Austin, TX Velvet Spade Lounge + SXSW SHOWCASE +
w/ Oxes, Early Man, EZ T, and More Dogs
2005.02.25 North Adams, MA MASS MoCA w/ Parts & Labor
2005.02.12 Allston, MA Great Scott w/ Ho-Ag, Parts & Labor, and Shore Leave
2005.01.21 Brookly, NY chez todd p w/ Parts & Labor, Aa, and Dirty Projectors
2004.03.10 Cambrige, MA Middle East w/ Officer May, Science of Yabra, and Lights
2004.09.24 West Haven, CT The West Haven American Legion Hall w/ Helms, Landing, and Shortpants Romance
2004.09.25 Queens, NY The Cave w/ Helms, Cop On Fire, and Zombi
2004.09.18 Baltimore, MD Hampden Fest Gang Gang Dance, Blood on the Wall, Mick Barr (of Orthrelm fame), and The Navies
2004.08.29 Allston, MA Great Scott w/ Parts & Labor and Tiger Saw
2004.07.24 Allston, MA

The Plan

Great Scott

w/ Officer May
2004.05.26 Boston, MA

Blackout Bar

Paradise Lounge

2004.05.01 Cambrige, MA Middle East w/ Helms, Oxes, and Height + Bow & Arrow
2004.04.16 Brighton, MA HOSS w/ Officer May, Aa, Sabers, and Manx
2004.03.16 Cambridge, MA TT's w/ Wolf Eyes and Ho-Ag
2004.03.05 West Hartford, CT

The Hawk's Nest

University of Hartford

w/ Helms, Parts & Labor, Strike the Colors, and Noisette
2004.02.21 Brooklyn, NY Newsonic Headquarters w/ Dynasty, People, and the Don't Stop
2004.02.06 Cambridge, MA First Parish Church w/ The Chinese Stars, The Faux, and Querencia
2004.01.27 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ Tunnel of Love, Parts & Labor, and Young Sexy Assassins
2004.01.24 New York, NY Knitting Factory w/ Helms, Fear & Trembling, and Dan Friel
2004.01.23 Easthampton, MA the Flywheel w/ Helms, the Can Kickers, and Ill Ease
2003.12.19 New York, NY Lit w/ Parts & Labor and Officer May
2003.12.14 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ Certainly, Sir
2003.10.31 Boston, MA The Linwood w/ Officer May, Lucifuge, and Science of Yabra
2003.10.03 Brooklyn, NY NorthSix w/ Officer May, Dirty Churches, and Aqui
2003.09.06 Brooklyn, NY NorthSix w/ Parts & Labor, Japanther, Pterodactyl, Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea, and Tunnel of Love
2003.08.31 Boston, MA The Chopping Block w/ Ho-Ag, Jessica Rylan, and Isle of Citadel
2003.08.09 Cambridge, MA Middle East w/ There Were Wires, Aim of Conrad, and the Faux
2003.05.16 Jamaica Plain, MA Midway Cafe w/ Jet By Day, A .45 to Pay the Rent, and Murder in the Red Barn
2003.04.03 Boston, MA The Chopping Block w/ Porn Belt, Coup Fourre, and Pirates